Flint's Quaker Bitters

Flint & Co. (Henry S. & Ezra H. Flint) were involved in all sorts of housewares such as furniture, stoves, crockery, glassware, etc. at 102 Broadway in 1864.

In 1868, Alonzo Flint, another partner at 124 Broad St., claimed to have the largest junk store in R.I. at 134-138 Dorrance St.

When Ezra died in 1867 there were three stores in operation. Harvey Flint, a cashier for Flint & Co., quit in 1872 and started putting up Quaker Bitters at 197 Broad St. with his two sons, Geo. H. and Harvey J. as clerks. They retained the name Flint & Co. with Henry and Alonzo as partners.

In 1876, Henry, who was by then a physician, became proprietor of Old Dr. Warren's Quaker Bitters which was made from choice roots and herbs. Henry changed the name of the product to Dr. H.S. Flint & Co. Quaker Bitters and was located at 197 Broad St.

The bitters, sold by the leading druggists of the time, purified the blood, took care of dyspepsia, jaundice, loss of appetite, headache, back pains, dizziness, fevers, liver ailments, and practically all ailments which existed.

In 1881, the Dr. H.S. Flint & Co. was out of business and all of the Flint names were back in the furniture business.

Harvey died a year later and Henry acquired the Providence Furniture Co. at 189 Weybosset St. He retired in 1887.

Flint & Co. Furniture remained in business and by 1920 had become the Flint-Adaskin Furniture Co. located at 245 Weybosset. They were considered the largest of their kind in R.I. until the 1930's.